I don’t know if Iran is developing nuclear weapons. I don’t know how far they are from doing so if they ARE developing nukes. And I can’t trust the current government of the country to tell the truth on such matters – especialy with an election coming in November. Four years ago they used war fear to blatantly manipulate the election.
In my opinion, if Iran IS developing nuclear weapons, and is close to capability, it is a very serious threat to millions of lives directly and to overall world peace indirectly. But this was also the case if Iraq was developing nukes — and it turned out that they weren’t, that it was all just a lie.
If Iran Really Is A Threat … there is an way for Bush to do something about it that everyone will accept and respect. Go read what that is.

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  1. Even the US government admits that Iran has no nuclear weapons. All the noise is about us assuming they intend to develop nuclear weapons. Even we admit they’re years away from the capability to make them.
    However, there is an Islamic country we know has nuclear weapons. Pakistan. Remember a few years ago when India and Pakistan were engaged in an arms race to threaten each other?

  2. mj are you saying we should invade Pakistan?
    I hope not.
    I’m a firm believer in MAD (mutually assured destruction) What ever country is foolish enough to launch an attack is history and they know it.
    This applies to America also.

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