Wesley Clark

I recommend this Kos diary about Democratic Presidential candidate General Wesley Clark. Daily Kos: Wes Clark: we need to save American democracy!

Now there are some who may doubt the General’s motivations, his political savvy, or his ability to play with the big boys of the party. I am not one of those. Not any more. I have seen most of the party leaders of the past few campaigns up close and personal. Met and greeted them, heard them talk live, looked into their eyes, and watched from afar on C-SPAN speech after speech after speech. I’ve seen Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Edwards, and Dean up close and personal – but I’ve never seen anything like Clark! Is he a politician – yes. But he’s an American first, and the things he said today… with the exception of Al Gore’s recent speeches, never before have I seen a politician with the guts to so lay it on the line.

3 thoughts on “Wesley Clark

  1. Perhaps I misread Clark (on Kevin Drum), but when he mentioned that plans for a nuclear attack on Iran were in the works, he didn’t seem to be ruling the idea out. That would be consistent with the TNR / DNC “attack the Republicans from the right” strategy.

  2. Clark was my pick during the primaries last time.I thought he might give Democrats credibility with a lot of people I knew that were
    puting the military at front and center of their voting priorities.I believe it’s almost unheard of to have it happen that someone in the military would run on the Democratict ticket.
    The enthusiasm was great.I listened to his speeches on c-span and wished at the time that more people could have heard him.He seemed quite common sense to me.

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