I Have Arrived At Big Tent

I have arrived at the Big Tent! (I shared a cab with a Fox employee who works for Karl Rove. She’s very nice but they’ve got her staying out at the Motel 6 ten miles away (with no transportation between…)
I screwed up on my convention credentials for tonite. You have to go to a hotel somewhere by 1, my computer clock said noon, and I forgot about the time difference… So I guess I’ll just have to be at the Big Tent (I needed the excuse.)
Here is a shot of the Big Tent:
I know many of the people here, from Netroots Nation and other events. The place is great, and I want to add that the pre-planning — emails, conference calls, other orientation materials — was some of the best I have ever come across.
This place is a zoo, laptops everywhere, people everywhere, conversation, noise, film crews reporters interviewing people…
I’ll post a YouTube in a few minutes, and update this when it.
Update Here is a short video of the big tent. I have a Flip Video supplied by the Voter Genome Project so I’ll be posting much more.