From Denver – two concerns

On the ground in Denver, amid 4,000 delegates, roughly 15,000 media and countless bloggers, fundraisers, lobbyists and citizens (even!), two questions are highly anticipated:
– how well will Barack Obama (re-)introduce himself – along with the parallel narrative now of his running mate Joe Biden, as a leader who can transcend partisanship and move forward, at home and abroad; and
– will the Clintons – both Clintons – navigate the waters of full-throated endorsement, without a gaffe, intended or implied.

On the first, the MSM consensus seems split between hackneyed ‘where’s the meat?’
(a question which never seemed to trouble Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush, incidentally) and can he escape the efforts of the Rove disciples of McCain to portray Barack Obama as a scary alien (the Other).
On the latter, I was fortunate to open a copy of Farhad Manjoo’s fascinating book True Enough on the eve of the convention. A sort of a neo-Lakoff, proto-Westen analysis, True Enough tackles the innuendo campaigns of the Swiftboaters, etc., chronicling their decision to forgo the ‘fact-based’ unhappiness of some veterans with John Kerry’s anti-war testimony in Congress about the Vietnam War – and take their ultimately successful tact of contriving mostly fictional challenges to his wartime record of bravery in battle.
A good read, and a factor we must all address. More on this soon.
On the latter, the Clintons’ behavior, your guess is as good as [or batter than] mine. To date, the odds point in one direction, however!
Stay tuned.
A former Journalist [Reuters] and one-time boy-on-the-bus [1988], I’ve been blogging, fundraising, community organizing, etc., for years, and am currently communications director for California’s Silicon Valley For Obama and a convener of ObamaScribes, a loosely knit group of writers actively submitting letters to the editor to local and regional newspapers, broadcasters and bloggers in support of Barack Obama for President.