Harold Ford at Netroots Nation on FISA

Harold Ford and Markos held a discussion on stage at lunch here at Netroots Nation. I didn’t catch all of it, but at one point Ford was talking about FISA and telecom immunity, along the lines of “If you have a company, and the government comes to you and says ‘If you do this for us it will help national security’ then what can you say?”
I’ll tell you what you can say. You can say, “DO YOU HAVE A WARRANT?”

1 thought on “Harold Ford at Netroots Nation on FISA

  1. Dave, it was nice talking with you at NN. Hopefully next year you will remember me, ;).
    I agree with the Ford comment. I was blogging live when he was talking and all I could think of was “what a [email protected]#$k!” He definitely did not convince anyone I knew. And what was this bull about he has to vote like a neocon because of the makeup of his district? That is always the line they use when they sell us out, especially to the corporations. My Congresswoman (also a DLCer) does the same thing, even though her district is a lot more progressive than she is. Another fallacy they use is labeling independents as “centrist”, “moderate” or even “conservative”. That is not the case in my district and many others. As a lifelong independent before I registered Dem to vote for Dean, I can say I was decidedly more progressive than most Democrats I knew so the label is more propaganda to manipulate than truth. The reality is most people do not fit nicely into a label whether it be their politics or otherwise. We are all shades of varying degrees if measured on a linear scale.
    Anyway, hope your trip back was good. I sat next to a military contractor and talked politics the entire time, lol. Like I didn’t have enough of that already!

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