Al Gore at Netroots Nation

Al Gore just surprised Netroots Nation by coming out to talk about energy and global warming during the Nancy Pelosi “Ask the Speaker” session.
Live streaming of this and all major NN events and sessions can be seen here: (Note — after the convention almost all sessions, including the smaller rooms will be archived and available.)
He’s got this Johnny Cash thing going on:
Trying to catch some of what he is saying:
On new drilling:
Old hangover remedy called “The Hair of the Dog” — when you wake up with a hangover you just take another drink. That;’s what this idea is like.
The defenders of the status quo are the ones who have gotten us into this hole.
Am I the only one who finds it strange that our country is so often fooled into picking a remedy for a problem that has absolutely nothing to do with the problem we are talking about?
The machinery of distraction is hard at work. “Oh we can’t switch away from oil, that would be unrealistic.” In their view it would be far more realistic to just sweep off the end of the cliff.
There is an ability to mobilize public opinion, visit his website for The Alliance for Climate Protection. It is focused on this single objective. The We campaign.