Gore – Very Little Coverage

In case you didn’t know, Al Gore gave a major, major, historical speech today.
Peter Daou discusses the press reaction, beginning with,

If a tree falls in a forest... A former Vice-President of the United States delivers a major speech accusing George W. Bush of breaking the law.

Go read.

Crooks & Liars has Al Gore’s Speech Highlights up on their site. And C-Span has the whole thing here. Thanks to a tip from Annatopia, there’s an MP3 here. Annatopis writes about the speech here.
Glenn Greenwald explains that Bush followers are not conservatives.

2 thoughts on “Gore – Very Little Coverage

  1. I saw the speech quite by accident on C-SPAN. Naturally none of the news networks ran it. I’m surprised that they’ve even been showing snippets of it.
    Gore’s developed into a real statesman. The speech is about the fact that we’re facing a constitutional crisis of a type this country has never faced before, and both Democrats and Republicans should be paying attention to this. Be sure to read it, but it’s too bad more people couldn’t see the whole thing because his personal delivery has developed so much and he speaks with so much passion.

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