Corporate Media — NO Representatives Of Labor Allowed

Media Matters – AP quotes "labor lawyer" who is really an anti-labor lawyer,

Earlier, I noted that the Washington Post failed to quote a single labor representative in its Employee Free Choice article today, though it quoted three CEOs. Turns out the AP is even worse. This article doesn’t quote any labor sources, though it does quote a Starbucks spokesperson, the vice president of the anti-labor National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, a Whole Foods spokesperson, a Chamber of Commerce official, a representative of the anti-labor Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, and “Washington labor lawyer Jay Krupin.”
. . . Here’s a 2000 restaurant industry newsletter that says Krupin “represents a range of restaurant and other foodservice companies dealing with unions” and quotes him calling unions a “cancer”:

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When was the last time you saw or heard someone in the corporate media talking about teh benefits of joining a union?