Bush v Gore 2000

Looking back at the consequences of the 2000 Bush v Gore decision by the Supreme Court — 9/11 “on his watch”, Constitution shredded, end of rule of law, hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, world’s economy literally in ruins … you know what I’m saying — shouldn’t we be talking about impeaching the Justices who put Bush in office even though Gore won?
Update – I really, really hope that the Supreme Court DOES take up the “Obama birth certificate” case. Really. I mean, imagine them trying to say Obama can’t be President. HA! Talk about a trigger for rapid change in America, that would do it.

1 thought on “Bush v Gore 2000

  1. We were talking about punishing the Felonious Five through the summer of 2001, until 9/11 conveniently came and interrupted the talk. At least three had conflicts of interest which mandated withdrawal from considering the case.

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