Norm Coleman Is Stealing The Election — What You Can Do About It

Wait — my headline is wrong. Coleman isn’t stealing the election, and neither is Franken. Both sides are going to fight the recount battle all the way to the end, and that’s the way it should be.
And the election isn’t in chaos. Routine problems are being handled routinely, with one precinct still up in the air. It’s just an unbelievably close election, and no one knows who will win.
What is happening, though, is that the national Republicans (Ann Coulter, Powerline, Wall Street Journal) are setting the stage for a “stolen election” claim. (It’s amusing that some of the people talking about a Florida-style stolen election are Republicans.) At the moment the Coleman people themselves are playing it cool (though they made fools of themselves right after the election) and most Minnesota Republicans, who will still have to live in the state after the dust settles, are behaving decently.
We don’t have to just sit and watch. Besides contributing to Al Franken we can also push back at the Rovian spin about the recount we see on the internet and in the media. We’ve already had one small success. The first dozen or so responses to

all politely and carefully explained to the guy that he was misinformed, and you’ll note that he’s taken the page down, though the link still takes you to his site.
Here’s a couple of useful links:
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and I’ve posted some good informational sources below the fold.

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The precinct with the missing ballots is also the college precinct where voters were denied an opportuinity to vote. College Republican sabotage should be looked into.
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