Build Me Up Buttercup, Republicans Are NUTS!

I have “Build Me Up Buttercup” stuck in my head and I think I figured it out.
President Obama is coming to Redwood City today (and I am fleeing, heading to Seattle to cover tomorrow’s Amazon shareholder meeting.) Look at the marquee at the downtown Fox Theater:


So I was thinking, is he going to perform “Waterloo”? And so I got Waterloo stuck in my head:

But then I realized, this is the same song as Build Me Up Buttercup!

And that put Build Me Up Buttercup in my head. I can’t get it out.
And THAT made me realize that something is going on — I think the right wingers are blasting the vicinity with secret frequencies, that are affecting people’s THOUGHTS!

But I have the solution:

Here Is The Problem

That was fun. The problem is that I’m having fun, but this crazy and paranoid is the starting point of the current Republican party!
Crazy: WSJ: Obama’s Place of Birth a Ballot Issue in Arizona,

The issue of President Barack Obama’s place of birth, which had largely faded from national view, is flaring up in Arizona after its secretary of state last week said Mr. Obama might not be on the November ballot there if Hawaii doesn’t verify it has his birth certificate.

Paranoid: Paul Krugman, Paranoia Strikes Deeper,

Finally, there’s the paranoia, the belief that liberals in general, and Obama administration officials in particular, are trying to make driving unaffordable as part of a nefarious plot against the American way of life. And, no, I’m not exaggerating. This is what you hear even from thoroughly mainstream conservatives.
… In fact, the conspiracy theories are proliferating so fast it’s hard to keep up. Thus, large numbers of Republicans — and we’re talking about important political figures, not random supporters — firmly believe that global warming is a gigantic hoax perpetrated by a global conspiracy involving thousands of scientists, not one of whom has broken the code of omertà. Meanwhile, others are attributing the recent improvement in economic news to a dastardly plot to withhold stimulus funds, releasing them just before the 2012 election. And let’s not even get into health reform.

Crazy: Here is a Republican Presidential Debate where the candidates say Obama is a “socialist”

Crazy: Robert Borosage: 9 Crazy Things Mitt Romney Believes
Paranoid and crazy: Study finds Republican base paranoid, delusional
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