Web Ads And The Facebook IPO

I am SO SICK of web ads that follow me around, putting up ads for things I recently looked up on Google, on every web page I visit, It is creepy.
Now it’s worse. The web ads are for things like Aston Martin cars and other high-end crap.
You see, I live a few miles from Facebook, and I guess the web targeters know that.
And yes, I am seeing things around like the new Aston Martin at the car wash, and then a Maserati with the sticker still in the window, lots of things like that around. And the 2br 2ba down the street is up for $795,000. The 2br house across the street that sold 3 months ago for 400-something is now “flipped’ and offered at 600-something. Gonna have to move when the lease runs out I guess.