Bloggers – Time To Boycott Amazon?

Fellow bloggers – it looks like it is time to send readers to Barnes&Noble or somewhere else rather than Amazon for their books. It looks like Amazon is just another big corporation trying to use their market power to rig the system against publishers and consumers. Big is bad, and then they try to tilt the playing field in their favor to gain even more power, which they will use to tilt the playing field even more.
See Publishers feel pressure of Amazon’s ‘buy’ button,

“Amazon seems each year to go from one publisher to another, making increasing demands in order to achieve richer terms at our expense and sometimes at yours,” Hutchinson said in the letter. “If this continued, it would not be long before Amazon got virtually all of the revenue that is presently shared between author, publisher, retailer, printer and other parties.”
[. . .] In the spring it started disabling the icons for some small publishers in the United States that resisted Amazon’s demand that they use an Amazon-owned company, BookSurge, for print-on-demand services. Amazon is the dominant seller of such titles.
As a result, some smaller publishers in the United States have signed service agreements with Amazon. But a few refused Amazon’s demand to shift the instant printing of their books to BookSurge, which they say has been demanding a discount of as much as 52 percent on the retail price.

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  1. I’ve been boycotting Amazon for years — just because they are lousy to do business with. While B&N also has a few issues, they are loads better to execute a transaction with.

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