Connecting Dots

I’m surprised no one is making the connection between this: Global smuggling ring obtained blueprint for warhead, and this: Officials Fear Bomb Design Went to Others, and this: Tip-off thwarted nuclear spy ring probe, and this: What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA.

1 thought on “Connecting Dots

  1. Talk about treason!
    The White House exposed a covert CIA agent that was working on preventing our enemies from obtaining materials for making nuclear weapons that would be used against US interests.
    Why haven’t the VP and Acting President been impeached?
    Because the Democratic leadership are pwned by the GOP. Anyone that bears the stamp of approval of the Democratic Leadership are also fully owned by the GOP (despite their protestations to the contrary).
    Anyway, Cheney exposed a covert agent, and also revealed in the process that the ‘company’ she worked for was also a CIA front – thereby indirectly outing ALL it’s employers as agents. Not only that, but Cheney also told our enemies that ambassador’s wives are confirmed CIA agents.
    The damage done by the White House in outing that one agent is so egregious I can not believe it!
    So the next question is why would Cheney WANT to undermine the prevention of the acquisition of nuclear weapons by our enemies in the middle east.
    Why did Cheney WANT to make it easier for our enemies in the middle east to obtain nuclear materials?
    How come the entire white house staff isn’t in prison for their grave crimes against the USA?
    For all of their bluster over the recent Supreme Court ruling re-affirming that 900 years of the Rule of Law is still in effect, it’s the GOP that are the traitors, not the ‘Liberals’.
    The GOP is arguing that, and behaving as if, there is no law, no Constitution. Bush (AWOL for one year during VietNam and the grandson of Nazi financier, Prescott Bush) rules by fiat, euphemistically called ‘Signing Statements’, ‘Executive Orders’, ‘National Security Letters’, etc.
    Every day and in every way, the White House is getting worse and worse. The GOP has done such deep damage to our once-great nation, that I wonder if we will ever recover.
    And having Rush Limbaugh and Michael Weiner calling for the mass execution of the 80% of the nation that disagrees with them, and a wholly-owned news media that agrees with them, only makes things worse.

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