Oh, THAT’S Why We’re In Iraq!

Hey check this one out: Fighting a War Carrying Dead Weight,

Let us at least face this one fact: this War on Terrorism has been, and will continue to be, longer and bloodier than it had to be because a large segment of our own population does not see this war for what it is – a life and death struggle for survival on the part of liberal democracy.
[. . .] the opponents, so-called, of the war have left rational dissent far behind and are now engaged, witting or otherwise, in an effort to secure our defeat.

[. . .] So, we continue the fight – our President is steadfast and we are ready for whatever call to duty may happen. [emphasis added]

As long as that doesn’t involve actually going to Iraq and actually fighting, of course. That’s for what the “conservative movement”‘s leaders call “the wackos.”

3 thoughts on “Oh, THAT’S Why We’re In Iraq!

  1. Well, they’re not gonna change their tune, are they? In spite of the fact that at this point we’re not fighting a war. We’re conducting an occupation.
    As for the war on terror, aside from the fact that it has nothing to do with going to war against Iraq, just how does one fight a war against a stateless entity?

  2. I certainly hope those folks are bright enough to know they are lying out of their butt. The alternative is enough to wake up screaming with the mere idea that anyone that stupid could possibly reproduce.
    If there was a real war, and there isn’t, we would be fighting it with an informed populace instead of tax cuts and PR campaigns. Barbara and Jenna would be there too. There would be food, education and healthcare for the most vulnerable to make them as strong as possible instead of rampant legislated war profiteering and our tactics rather than our rationale for this war would be fluid.
    On the off chance that anybody who might be dumb enough to believe what those guys write, I would like to send the message that it is our contrariness or lack of conformity that compels us to resist this unjust, imoral war that would keep us free from radical Islamism or any other type of restrictive tyranny.

  3. I think Pat Buchanan put it best when he said “They’re over here because we’re over there” (Referring to meddling in the internal affairs of Arab states; basing troops in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait; giving Mr. Sharon 50% more support than he asks for, etc)
    The Muslim Fundamentalists aren’t out to destroy Liberal Democracy here; they want us out of there.

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