Accord Hybrid – What Were They Thinking???

So I looked at a Honda Accord Hybrid today. It STARTS at $30,990, and only averages 28 MPG. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Why would anyone buy something like that?
The 50 MPG Civic Hybrid, on the other hand… But you can’t even think about getting one until July because they are back-ordered.

4 thoughts on “Accord Hybrid – What Were They Thinking???

  1. My understanding is that the intent of the hybrid Accord is to be a more fuel-efficient sports sedan. It’s a hybridized Accord V6, not the base design. It apparently gets around 40% better gas mileage than the base V6, despite generating slightly *higher* horsepower.

  2. The Accord Hybrid is a sad excuse for a hybrid (along the lines of some of the SUV hybrids). It gets the same mileage (estimated) as the 4 cylinder Accord–and only 5mpg more than the regular 6 cylinder. That is terrible!! I sent Honda a letter about it and never heard from them. Take a look at the 2007 Camry which is not only less $$ (by 3K to 5K) but also gets (estimated) 43mpg in the city (18mpg better than the Accord Hybrid) and 37 on the highway.

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