More Lying – Blaming Clinton for Iran

Fhe Republican website WorldNetDaily: WorldNetDaily: Author: Bill Clinton gave Iran bomb plan.
The usual…
Keep in mind that the CIA agent “outed” by the White House was working to keep Iran from gaining nuclear weapons technology.

1 thought on “More Lying – Blaming Clinton for Iran

  1. Maybe we should (loudly)agree with them to make the point that the masters are being served, that this mess is all Corporate Anerica’s fault.
    Did you read the papers I referred to in that email? The one where the neocon writes about creating chaos and being able to move your armies quickly and how they use it against us?
    Think immigration, think Mary Cheney:
    While immigration is a real issue, they used the timing to get traction away from
    Dubai making our tanks
    more tax cuts for the elite
    The deficit
    more service cuts for the poor
    selling our forests
    illegal spying
    more 911 awareness
    the phone jamming scandal
    much more depravity than John Grisham and Stephen King could dream up in a decade

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