Both Sides Are NOT To Blame For Sequester!

If you are a citizen in a democracy you need to have correct information about important issues so you can make decisions and know who to hold accountable for things they do. But you wouldn’t know anything if you follow America’s corporate news media. For example, you certainly wouldn’t know that the deficit is currently falling at the fastest rate since the end of WWII. (Only 6% of the public knows that the deficit is falling, not rising.)

Watch as NBC News (March 1 broadcast) blames “both sides” and “Congress” for the sequester cuts that could bring in a new recession:

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“Congress” has left town – not that Republicans adjourned without doing allowing votes.

“No serious attempt all week long” to stop this.

“President didn’t rise above political rhetoric.”

“Both sides maintained the blame game.”

9 thoughts on “Both Sides Are NOT To Blame For Sequester!

  1. Uhm,

    Well over half of “Bush’s” 2009 deficit was from Obama. Specifically his ~$900 Billion utterly failed “Stimulus” which he and his party completely own. And yes, it was 100% borrowed money.

    Now Bush does own ~$500 Billion of the 2009 deficit, but Obama owns well over 60% of the 2009 deficit.

    Oh, and arguing that the deficit which now stands well over a Trillion Dollars (well up from the average Bush era deficit of a few hundred Billion) is BS since the deficit is added to the debt every year.

    What we need is for the debt to remain constant. But that would require cuts, REAL cuts not cuts in the projected increase in spending.

    But you’re not interested in truth, facts and reality; you’re just a tool, a lying propagandist “The Man”/ “The Establishment” embodied by a failed party and a failed president.

  2. You can’t come to this blog with a bunch of made-up numbers. Fiscal 2009 started on October of the year before Obama took office. Obama’s FIRST budget year started the next October.

    See Cato Institute: Don’t Blame Obama for Bush’s 2009 Deficit

    Headline BEFORE Obama took office: “CBO projects record $1.2 trillion deficit – Jan. 7, 2009

    Obama’s “stimulus” — which turned job losses from Bush’s 800,000+ a month to positive numbers — was a very small part of the 2009 budget year.

    For more, click the links in this post.

  3. Of course, you *do* know that it’s not the President who passes the budget; he signs it into law. It’s the Congress, more specifically the Senate being the gatekeeper, who control the “purse strings” of the Federal Government. And since Harry Reid took control of the Senate in the beginning of 2007 the man hasn’t passed a budget; just “continuing resolutions”. So while the President “owns” the deficit by default (sometimes unfairly) it’s the party in control of the Senate who are really responsible for the deficit.

    Oh, and the Sequester was a idea thought up by Obama and Reid (more specifically their aides.) So the horrble-awful Sequester “cuts” of around ~1% are ALL the Democrats doing.

    These are facts you cannot deny, Dave.

    • One question? How large was the budget proposed by GWB for FY 2009? ( Hint…it still did not include war funding and had no consideration for the 8.9% drop in GDP in q4 2008). Oh I found it! Bush proposed budget was 3.1 TRillion!!!!!! What did the CBO say the deficit was projected to be before Obama was sworn in? Ohh I found that also and that was 1.2 Trillion and that did not account for the 8.9% drop in GDP in the last quarter under, who was it , ahhh thats right Bush.

    • I can deny them. The senate passed a budget last year.

      It is wrong to assert that there is no budget. The Budget Control Act enacted in August, 2012 contained the budget for this year. It was passed by both the House and Senate, signed by the President, and enacted into law. So, you are not telling the truth when you say Reid has not passed a budget since 2007. I wonder why you fail to complain about republicans as the Republican Congressional majority failed to pass a finished budget in three years: 1998, 2004 and 2006. OUCH!!!!

  4. You seem to be saying that Republicans oppose spending cuts.

    Meanwhile all the Republicans are celebrating that the sequester happened.

    Not sure where your point is.

  5. You seem to be saying that Republicans oppose spending cuts.

    No, I’m not. What I’m saying is Obama dreamed up the sequester with a plan. First he’d manufacture a false “crisis” and use the establishment media toadies to scare us about the world ending because of a percentage point of cuts. Then he’d blame it on the Republicans and they’d run scared and give him his massive tax increases so he could hand out goodies to his conies (you know, the way the Chicago Machine works?). In the end he’d get his money for only his friends and he’d damage the GOP’s image.

    This is what Jon Stewart would call the “Jedi Knight playing 3-D chess” kind of strategy (which is largely a myth, Obama just isn’t that smart).

    But this time he had his ass handed to him by a (finally) principled GOP standing firm. Standing up to him and standing up for the nation.

    The GOP and I are just mildly OK with the $44 Billion in cuts. We’d be celebrating in the streets if it were more than ten times ($500 Billion in REAL cuts).

    But we take what is given.

  6. You’re saying OBAMA caused the debt-ceiling crisis that led to the sequester???

  7. No. I’m saying he thought up the Sequester. Which is uncontested at this point even by the White House. Now, the “debt-ceiling crisis” was really a spending crisis created by his party (you know, the guy who runs the Senate, Harry Reid) who has REFUSED to follow his legal requirement to pass a budget that would limit spending for years (yes, he’s out-right breaking the law and should be considered an Unamerican outlaw).

    This whole mess (debt and deficit, all the crisis, the so-called “cuts”) are all the work of Democratic Party machinations. They and you should be ashamed for the fear, anger, panic and hate you’re spreading to benefit Democrat cronies.

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