Yes, Please, Please, Please Remind The Public About Bush!

Some Republicans are entering the 2010 campaign season with the slogan, “Miss Me Yet?” accompanied by a picture of Bush.
See Do You Miss Him Yet? – Opinionator Blog –
Oh please. Please, please, please campaign in this election by reminding the pubic of the things that happened when Republicans ran things. Please. Please, Please.
Miss him yet?
I just have to say it again: Please, please, please run for office saying you’ll bring back the Bush years.
Maybe if I said it the way Republicans offer advice. Republicans will lose the election unless they remind people what the Bush years were like.

1 thought on “Yes, Please, Please, Please Remind The Public About Bush!

  1. That’s an excellent campaign strategy. The best would be to persuade Republicans to link themselves with Bush. But if we can’t do that, we have to link them with Bush ourselves.

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