Why We Have Low-Information Voters

We have low-information voters because they receive low information.
I was reading this story, Credit card bill tests Democrats’ political will, and came across this:

Her [Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-NY] proposed legislation would halt credit cards from imposing arbitrary rate increases and penalties and certain billing practices on balances with different rates. It is expected to win approval by the committee, and later by the full House.
But it remains unclear whether Democrats in the Senate can muster the 60 votes needed in that chamber to advance controversial legislation amid stiff opposition from the banking industry. The Senate’s version of a credit card reform bill includes tougher language. [emphasis added]

The REASON that 60 votes are needed in the Senate is because the Republican party is obstructive every single bill. It isn’t that “the Democrats” don’t need to muster a few votes, it is that the Republicans are acting in ways never before seen in history. The name for it is “filibuster” and it was used on a few occasions in the past, when the concerns of the minority were sufficient to have them stay up all night talking.
Now we have a corporate-purchased party that blocks consumer legislation so they can get more lobbying money from the banking industry.
My complaint: No one reading a story like this would know any of this. So they would not have the information needed to make an informed decision in the voting booth, and certainly not know who to call to ask them to vote the right way.
The corporate news media is not serving our democracy. They serve a different master.