Who Voted For Torture?

Go read: Daily Kos: The REAL List Of Congressmen Responsible for Torture,

Keep this in mind. If your neighbor’s mean-ass pit bull comes into your yard and bites you, you don’t get mad at your own dog for not protecting you. First order of business is to get rid of the god-damned pit bull. After all, he’s the one that’s really responsible for your wounds. Once that’s done, then you can worry about giving your own sorry pooch some watch-dog training.

Go see the whole list, then send EACH of their challengers in this election $1000. EACH ONE!
(And if you really do that, remember my tip jar, too!)

1 thought on “Who Voted For Torture?

  1. I will still vote Democratic this election, though I have not been given a single reason to do so by any of the Democrats for whom I will be voting. Jane Harman, for example. But I am never going to get over the fact that they rolled over again, that they rolled over on torture, that they rolled over on the soul of America.
    Something has to be done to get these people out of the Democratic Party, or to get enough of them out so that this behavior, which is now routine, is ‘buked and scorned.
    The Democratic Party “leadership” listens to everyone except people who reliably vote for Democratic candidates.

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