Who The Recession Hurts

I wonder if the New York Times will ever write about the the people who go through our recycling the night before it gets picked up. They collect bottles to turn in for a dime, because that is all the income they can find. We live a few blocks from a church with a big “dining room” for the poor. Literally hundreds of people have to go there or they won’t eat.
People at the Times are paid six figures. They live in a city where more than a hundred billion dollars of bonuses are handed out every year, even when times are hard.
Out here in the real world things are different. People’s unemployment pay is running out, and Congress is delaying extending it. And if you are unemployed you COBRA subsidies are also running out now — no sign of Congress doing anything about that.

1 thought on “Who The Recession Hurts

  1. Here in the UK it has hit most of us but a lot of people like myself who lost there jobs cant believe how much banker still get paid its a disgrace that we lose our jobs and they who are to blame for this mess get more money!
    I have since gone onto setting up a leaflet distribution business to earn a bit of money I was lucky others have not been.
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