Who Could Oppose A Bill Fighting Chinese Hacking?

How come few if any of of the major-media articles reporting on Chinese hacking of computers in American businesses, news organizations and key infrastructure facilities mention that last year Senate Republicans filibustered a bill to do something about it?

Here is a NY Times report on that filibuster: Cybersecurity Bill Is Blocked in Senate by G.O.P. Filibuster,

A cybersecurity bill that had been one of the Obama administration’s top national security priorities was blocked by a Republican filibuster in the Senate on Thursday, severely limiting its prospects this year.

… The bill’s most vocal opponents were a group of Republican senators led by John McCain of Arizona, who took the side of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and steadfastly opposed the legislation, arguing that it would be too burdensome for corporations.

Wait — the US Chamber of Commerce was lobbying for a filibuster to block a cybersecurity bill? They were trying to block a bill to fight Chinese hacking of US businesses and strategic infrastructure? What? Why would they do that?

Here’s another way the US Chamber of Commerce sides with China: U.S. Chamber Opposes Romney Vow to Punish China on Currency and the Chamber is one of the groups in the following: Business Groups Letter Opposing China Currency Legislation

But wait, there’s more: ‘US’ Chamber Of Commerce Hosts Seminars With Chinese Gov Officials To Teach American Firms How To Outsource.

Makes you wonder, whose side are they on? It also makes you wonder … just where does the US Chamber of Commerce get its money, that it would keep taking China’s side like this?

Back in 2010 Think Progress looked into this: Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads.

And this: ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Funded By Top Offshoring Companies

Like I said, makes you wonder… doesn’t it? And how come We, the People have no way of knowing just who and what is funding these lobbying and election efforts?

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  1. Let us not forget that during the 1930s, TJ Watson, president of IBM and the International Chambers of Commerce, used his clout to twice hold the Annual Meeting in Berlin. He did this because the goals of the Nazis were envied by businesses everywhere, especially by pro-fascist businesses in America such as IBM.

    Who doesn’t want slave labor? You don’t have to pay, or have a safe workplace, and don’t have to pay for their health care, and when you work them to death there is no punishment. What’s not to love about slavery.

    WWII was a fight to bring back slavery.

    Now we have China utilizing slave labor to undermine Americans, and the US Chamber of Commerce is endorsing slavery as a method to impoverish American workers.

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