When I Ran A Business I Didn’t Want Tax Cuts

When I ran a business I didn’t want tax cuts, I wanted to pay taxes. Paying taxes meant I had made a profit, and a portion of it went to taxes.
Given a choice between tax cuts and more revenue I would take more revenue every single time, even though it meant even more taxes to pay later. SEND ME CUSTOMERS instead of tax cuts.
So take the money you might use to give a tax cut and instead use it on targeted programs that redistribute money to people. Instead of just giving it all back, USE IT to invest to good purpose.

1 thought on “When I Ran A Business I Didn’t Want Tax Cuts

  1. When I was running Web Communications, LLC, and we were making money hand over fist, my partner and I were totally focused on building the business. Taxes were something we thought of once a year, when our CPA told us how much we had made, and how much to cut a check for. They were NEVER a factor in our business decisions, just a cost of doing business, like everything else.
    I do admit to fainting when, after the first year (1995), I was told that I owed more money in taxes than my Dad had ever earned in his entire life, but since that meant I’d therefore EARNED what qualified as a ridiculous amount of money for a 23 year old with no previous work experience of substance, having a relatively small fraction of that going to pay the taxman didn’t bother me at all.
    Furthermore, everyone who runs a small business knows there is no better tax deduction than being self-employed.

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