What Happened To The ‘Do Not Call’ List?

I still have a “land line” because I do radio shows. The home number is on the “do not call” list (and I re-add it regularly). It makes no difference at all whatsoever. That phone annoys us several times almost every day and night with phone solicitors.

The phone rings, you answer it, there is silence, then a click then an annoying voice, Mr. Johnson, how are you today?”

You won a free cruise. Do you need your carpets cleaned. The Police or Sheriff’s something or other wants a donation. Buy gold. On and on.

Has the “do not call” registry just gone away, or what? There’s obviously no enforcement whatsoever, like so many other things.

Wasn’t enforcement of rules, regulations and laws part of what government is supposed to do? I guess “smaller government” really has taken hold…

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