Watch: Republican Cuts Poisoned Flint

From The Agenda Project Action Fund, of The Agenda Project (send them money)

“Governor Snyder’s actions are a perfect portrayal of Republican priorities: they let diseases spread, they permit trains to crash, and now they are telling parents to watch their children suffer. All of this in the name of the almighty dollar,” said Agenda Project’s President Erik Altieri, “It is a disgusting, yet totally expected move from this, quite literally, toxic political party.”

Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder was following the Republican mantra of “all budget cuts are good cuts” when he broke Flint away from Detroit’s water system in 2014 to save an estimated $15 million a year. He pursued this plan while ignoring reports that showed Flint’s river water was contaminated with lead and unsafe for drinking. But, like any “good” Republican, the governor decided that the risk of poisoning an entire city was a small price to pay in order to save some money.

2 thoughts on “Watch: Republican Cuts Poisoned Flint

  1. Snyder should be arrested and prosecuted for purposely poisoning the people of Flint.

  2. Hey the poisoned people did not and do not look like the Gov ….sooo … he doesn’t give a **** about “those” peoples!
    Yet another real world example of GOP Republican governance.

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