Was YOUR Health Plan Cancelled?

Do YOU actually know anyone who had a health insurance plan that was cancelled because of Obamacare (not because the insurance company decided to) and who went to the health care exchange and did not find a better plan for less money?

It turns out no one actually knows anyone this actually happened to. One more made-up propaganda story from the corporate/conservatives.

Now compare this with the MILLIONS of people who are getting health insurance now, who couldn’t before.

4 thoughts on “Was YOUR Health Plan Cancelled?

  1. Uh, yeah, mine was cancelled because it didn’t cover all the “pools” the ACA (Obamacare) specified. And now I’m paying a premium over twice what I paid before, with a significantly shrunken network of doctors and hospitals (hope I don’t get cancer under the system as it is).

    So stop being a douche bag denialist and realize millions have or will lose coverage thanks to President Obama.

  2. Was you policy grandfathered, or did yo ubuy it AFTER the law was signed?

    Have you actually been to the exchange and priced the policies available?

  3. Doesn’t matter: Obama said dozens of times “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” I liked my healthcare plan; the ACA rules made it impossible for my insurer to keep me on my plan. And so I had to go online (and now my personal information is easily prone to being stolen by a hacker due to the horrid security) and pick a plan that cost over twice what I was paying, with raised deductible and a horribly shrunk network (I actually read things I sign that I have to pay thousands of dollar a year to).

    Obama lied and now people are losing their plans by the millions. And projected into the tens of millions.

    Face it, this is a major FUBAR on the Dems part and no attempt to spin and obfuscate is going to help.

  4. It is part of the law that ANY policy existing before the law was signed may be kept by the insurance company. So you did not “lose your plan” unless your insurance company decided to make some $$ off of you.

    If you are afraid to go on the internet because people might steal your info — a problem solved 10 years ago — call the number instead and see what policies are available.

    Plans do not cost more, there are subsidies and everyone I know who checked has seen their bill go WAAAYYY down. Except you — are you really saying that your price went up even after the subsidies?

    As for “people losing their plans by the millions” — that just is not true, no one has “lost” their insurance.

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