War Expands

Airstrikes Hit Christian Area North of Beirut – Los Angeles Times,

Israeli forces killed 33 agricultural workers Friday in northeast Lebanon in a wave of airstrikes that also pierced the country’s Christian heartland for the first time and severed its last major highway link to the outside.

Christian support to Israel dies under hail of bombs,

For the first 24 days of Israel’s campaign against Hezbollah, Lebanese Christians in the Beirut area believed they were protected from the mayhem gripping other parts of the country.
…The Israelis’ target was not the Christians of Jounieh but its bridges, two in the town and two a little to the north. The intent was to sever the last artery connecting Beirut to the outside world, and in that the Israelis succeeded.
But the strikes also destroyed whatever support Israel still enjoyed among Lebanon’s Christians.
Among the dead was Joseph Bassil, a Christian. Out for his morning jog, he passed under the 300 metre Fidar bridge, to the north of Jounieh, just as it was destroyed by a huge bomb that pitched cars into the ravine below. Bassil was crushed to death and three motorists were killed.

I wonder if Bush or the right-wingers calling them “ragheads” even know that Lebanon has a large Christian population.

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  1. Some of the oldest, original Christian groups are in Lebanon and Syria. Another interesting fact: until Israel was declared a Jewish state, 51% of Baghdad was Jewish.

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