Voting Machines

I haven’t written about voting machines for some time. Here is an article about evidence of remote tampering: Forensic Analysis Finds Venango County, PA, E-Voting System "Remotely Accessed" on "Multiple Occasions" by Unknown Computer | Truthout

…perhaps most troubling, evidence that the system was repeatedly accessed by an unidentified remote computer, for lengthy periods of time, on “multiple occasions.”

Remember, if they do not have a “paper trail” that the voter looks at before finalizing the vote, there is NO WAY to know what the actual vote count was.
And if there is no procedure for checking those paper trails against the reported vote. that is just as bad.
There is just too much at stake to hand democracy over to machines and the companies that make them. PLEASE get involved in your own county and demand that they have paper backup and that they check the paper against the reported totals.

One thought on “Voting Machines

  1. The software that runs the voting machines is secret and proprietary and no one is allowed to audit the code.
    Paper trails are pointless when the software is kept secret.
    As we can see with our home computers, they can be programmed to do anything. And we see with Facebook and Google that everything important happens out of the view of the public.
    Voting machines can be programmed to print the receipt but then change the vote internally, and no one would ever know, because only the Republican-controlled voting machine companies know what their software is actually doing.
    OF COURSE voting machines are easily hacked, they were designed to do exactly that.
    Secretaries of State have signed contracts that forbid them from auditing the software.
    These machines can also be programmed to run different programs at different times, meaning that when they are tested, they work perfectly and the results are 100%, but on the day of the actual election they can run a different code that will result in the GOP candidate winning by just enough margin to not arouse suspicion.
    There is NO reason to think otherwise.

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