Today’s Voting Machines Story

Voting machine companies now refuse to sell to election officials who might TEST the machines to see if they are vulnerable to vote manipulation. These officials are required by federal law to to acquire new voting machines, so the refusal to sell can ruin careers.
Election Whistle-Blower Stymied by Vendors,

A spokesman said Diebold will not sell to Sancho without assurances that he will not permit more such tests, which the company considers a reckless use of the machines.

And surprise, it is Bush (lack of) federal oversight causing trouble again,

The dispute highlights what many elections experts say is a failure in federal oversight. In Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and elsewhere, elections officials have called into question the security and accuracy of new voting machines. The experts said that a more rigorous federal oversight process, in which machine testers have no financial connections to the voting machine companies, is needed to ensure election security in the United States.

Is this the regular Bush incompetence, or are they TRYING to get flawed voting machines in place?

2 thoughts on “Today’s Voting Machines Story

  1. These voting machines are starting to act like those hooks they iuse with fish and animals that once in cause more damage if you try to remove them.
    These Rethuglicans are shear geniuses.

  2. Yeah. NY State is being sued by the Feds because they’re not upgrading their voting system in time for the next election. NY officials are insisting on their right to test the machines, and the manufacturers aren’t providing them for testing.

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