Today’s Voting Machines Story

At Cracking a Diebold In 4 minutes and 12 Dollars. How easy is it to hardware hack a Voting Machine?
Go see the pictures. In four minutes they had complete access to the memory card without disturbing the official seals that are supposed to certify that the machine could not have been tampered with. And remember, because these seals supposedly guarantee that the machines have not been tampered with, these machines are often allowed to go to people’s homes the night before the election or are otherwise allowed to disappear from official supervision.
This is about proving that the vote counts reflect the will of the voters. We need to require paper ballots that the voter looks at and agrees represent the voter’s intentions.

These machines should be nothing more than input devices for paper-ballot printing, and the voter should be required to double-check that printed ballot. There is no other way to prove that the vote counts reflect the will of the voters. And with this system we don’t need expensive – and ineffective – security measures for the machines.

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  1. Yo, the link died due to bandwidth issues. It seems a popular link. And if this is true, I’m not surprised. The massive and multiple security flaws have been widely reported at least since 2004, and people have pointed out problems with the system at least dating back to the 2000 elections. Microsoft couldn’t have made a less secure product if it tried.

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