Thursday Day Of Action To Support Verizon Workers — And Each Other

Thursday has been declared a Verizon Strike National Day of Action.

There are 39,000 Verizon workers on strike right now. They are not just striking for better pay and conditions from Verizon; this is also about how all of the giant corporations are treating all of us, their workers and customers. It’s just that the workers at Verizon have a union that is still strong enough to carry out this fight for the rest of us.

Fighting Corporate Greed

Verizon makes almost $2 billion in annual profit. Some of this money could have gone to employees. Some of it could have been reinvested in the future of the company, expanding their fiber network and improving customer service. Verizon has had many chances to do the right thing for their employees and customers, but opted instead to give executives raises and bonuses. Verizon also spent $5 billion buying back shares of its stock in an effort to manipulate the stock price.

So Verizon’s workers are taking a stand. They are telling the company that the people who work there deserve a share of the pie.
This is an opportunity to show up and help tell Verizon’s management that this strike is not going away until they negotiate a fair contract. It is time to show up and tell this company to do the right thing. You can help do this on Thursday.

Thursday Day Of Action

On Thursday there will be nationwide actions where you can show up in person to support the striking workers at Verizon Wireless stores across the country and online. Take a look at the map of activities to find a local action that you can join. Maybe bring some coffee for people. Your participation would show support not just for the workers at Verizon, but for holding corporations like Verizon accountable for how they deal with their employees and customers – in other words, us.

It is not just about shareholders; it’s about the country, the economy, and the power of We the People vs. the power of these giant, greedy corporations.

Online, Too

You can take part online, as well.

Take a look and retweet what you see at #VerizonStrike and #StandUp2VZ.

A few sample tweets:

#VerizonStrike National Day of Action May 5: Support the men & women on strike fighting for good jobs.

What’s going on at Verizon Wireless stores? Learn more:

#VerizonStrike Day of Action May 5: Join the fight for good, union jobs in our communities.

Do the same at Facebook, by looking through #VerisonStrike and #StandUptoVZ.

Visit the Facebook community: Stand Up to Verizon.

Verizon’s workers are fighting for you and all of us. Please show up and fight with them.

You should also sign this petition that Campaign for America’s Future is helping to circulate: “The public is paying attention and consumers are refusing to cross picket lines. It’s time for Verizon to come back to the negotiation table. Will you show your support for Verizon workers? Click here to add your name in solidarity.


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