These People Are Just Nuts

The latest right-wing frenzy is over a film of Barack Obama as a student giving a speech in favor of racial diversity in universities, and then hugging Derrick Bell, who was the first black law professor at Harvard. At the time Obama has been elected President of Harvard Law Review – the first black person in that position.
That’s it. They are saying that advocating racial diversity is “Marxist” and that being the first black law professor proves the guy is a “radical.” They say that letting a black guy be a law professor is “demonizing whites.” They say that Obama advocating racial diversity reveals “another corner of the president’s murky past,” and proves that “Obama is not so secretly a radical.”
That’s it. He was the first black law professor at Harvard, therefore he is a “Marxist” and a “radical.” Because Harvard is such a “radical” institution, I guess. Even though it didn’t hire any black law professors before the 90s.