The truth about the Fox News Tea Parties

Save the Rich | The truth about the Fox News Tea Parties

Open Letter to Media: This is What Astroturf Looks Like
04/13/2009 – 21:04
“Astroturf.” Fake grassroots. It’s what you get when big business and rich zealots hire pricey consultants to manufacture public outrage.
With big budgets, limitless manpower, sophisticated targeting, and a sympathetic media channel, it’s not difficult to generate anger.

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5 thoughts on “The truth about the Fox News Tea Parties

  1. You know. I don’t watch FOXNews, I never received a “robo-call”, and never received an email on this issue. The first I ever heard of this movement was from sites like this and everyone I know who goes to these events heard it either through the obsessive left’s coverage or through word of mouth.
    Thanks for letting us know and thanks for helping to provide us, the people, a means to speak truth to power.

  2. BTW,
    I wrote this up and passed it around to my fellow Tea party protesters.
    1) We’re against wasteful government (read: non-partisan) spending. It started years ago and is only increasing in intensity.
    2) We’re against the misallocation of funds that will not fulfill the right role of government and will not “fix” the economy.
    3) We’re against the socialization of both profit AND risk. In a free market economy, if a person takes a risk and makes a profit, let them keep it (with a nominal tax, of course); if they take a foolish risk and are going to fail, let them fail.
    What of those points above are you against?
    BTW, they all agreed to our little “platform”, though I can’t claim credit for #2.

  3. Tax revenues “falling” is only a concern is because Sacramento has been on a spending spree for the last decade to end all spending sprees and in doing so destroyed the economy. That’s why the only solution is for government to live within its means; just like Obama lectured us to do in our private lives on the campaign trail. Just like the grassroots tea party movement is trying to emphasize to the President.
    I doubt we’ll be listened to and I have no doubt now that in some places unemployment will reach depression levels.

  4. I would just love it if people would stop pointing fingers and “Oh my god THEY did this, and this, and…” and actually try to come up with a plan that is a viable and relevant plan for the American people. It seems like it just goes from one extreme being pissed off to the other, depending on who is in office. But noone really DOES anything.
    Perhaps these tea parties are the only way anyone can feel like they are heard at all. It may be true that “big corporate” is paying to fund organization of these groups, but the people who are showing up are regular people, and they are not getting big fat checks to play with tea. They are there because they want to be heard SOMEWAY.

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