The Spending Freeze

Obama is proposing a “spending freeze” because the public believes Fox News when they say that the huge deficit in Bush’s last budget is because of Obama. The huge deficit is the fault of conservative policies, and they have successfully deflected blame.
A spending freeze is bad policy. You need to invest now, so that the deficit can be brought down as the investments pay off.
It is bad politics because it means the government won’t be able to do a badly-needed second stimulus to create jobs. The public will blame Obama and Democrats for the employment crisis caused by conservative policies.
It is extremely bad messaging because it just validates right-wing anti-government nonsense. It says government is bad, spending is bad, etc.
But the thing I am most disappointed about is that it is a cheap gimmick. This is the first time I have seen the Obama administration play cheap politics and use cheap gimmicks. This is beneath them. Until now I thought that their heart was into solving problems and treating the public with respect. This breaks that.