The Path To Impeachment

AlterNet: Will Bush Provoke a Constitutional Crisis?,

The new Democratic Congress will likely subpoena documents that the White House may refuse to hand over — if that happens, we may witness a struggle that puts our democratic republic on the brink.

The path to impeachment: Congress will ask for information that the public is entitled to – it is OUR government.

The upcoming hearings will undoubtedly include demands for information that the Administration has up till now refused to provide.

Bush will refuse,

… The Bush administration has been historic in its refusal to share information with Congress or the public.

The, either the Congress impeaches to assert the authority of We The People over the government, or they back down and allow a dictatorship.

At that point Congress will have several options:
# It can make angry noises while in actuality accepting Administration intransigence.
# It can pass legislation establishing a special prosecutor.
# It can appeal to the courts by suing the Administration.
# It can establish a select committee or otherwise threaten impeachment against whatever officials it decides to hold accountable, from the President and Vice-President through cabinet members and other top officials.

And it will be us – you and me – bloggers and readers – who demand that the Congress uphold democracy.

5 thoughts on “The Path To Impeachment

  1. I really hope that Bush stonewalls Congress so that Congress can impeach him and Cheney. I’m not completely confident that Congress will come through, but if Bush gets away with a coup d’etat, at leats we’ll know where we stand.

  2. John, there probably isn’t time to Impeach him while in office, though we could certainly pursue matters outside of office, impeach him and remove his pension. We could also try and jail him, and I doubt the Public would be against it even if the media would. The real problem isn’t what happens if congress doesn’t impeach him. The answer to that is obvious, we collectively withdraw our support of the party for the 2010 elections, just as many of us did in 2002. It’s what would happen, even without any advocating it. Nobody told us all to sit at home in 2002 either, but most of us weren’t willing to support the Democrats either. Even if we hoped they’d win anyway.
    No, the real question is what happens if he’s impeached and refuses to go?

  3. He certainly seems to be aiming for a showdown about Iraq, considering that Congress has to approve all his new appointments and every indication is that he plans to escalate the battle there. it’s as though he’s begging to be impeached.

  4. President Bush is “out to lunch” when it comes to understanding that it is all over for him and his administration. Its time to move on, to let go and concede defeat. Accept that his foreign and national policies have been collusal failures. He is worst than a spoiled brat who takes his marbles when he is losing the game and can’t win. However, this is not a game, this is reality with people’s lives at stake.
    It is also time for the American voters to take stock in who they put into office to run the country. If we don’t we have to experience this same agony and shame until we learn not to put incompetent individuals to run the country.

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