The Mythical Global War On Terrorism

It’s time to end Bush’s Global War On Terrorism. Rep. Murtha’s initial statement was a perfect analysis, It is a flawed policy wrapped in an illusion. The flawed policy is Bush’s Iraq war. The illusion Bush’s flawed policy is wrapped in is the Global War On Terrorism.

The GWOT has never been an effective strategy for dealing with National Security And Terrorism. I initally settled for breaking Bush’s GWOT into the two broad categories of Domestic Security and National Security beyond our domestic borders. A short time later, in January, I itemized six discrete aspects to Bush’s mythical GWOT.
More recently I focused in on Bush’s Failure On Nuclear Security.
Regardless of how much the neo-cons and the so called D.C. Strategic Class try to spin Bush’s GWOT, it is still as much of a myth as a unicorn.
If Rep. Murtha has inspired you to become more active in opposing Bush’s mythical GWOT, I put together a reasonablly comprehensive anti-war resource guide, Military Voices Against Endless War.
There are dozens of ways to get more active in putting a halt to Bush’s illegal and immoral war. Pick one or just flip a coin and get busy. You can be a part of history instead of a bystander.

1 thought on “The Mythical Global War On Terrorism

  1. The “global war on terror” will not end until everyone is dead! Bush has no “strategy”, no “plan”, just more rhetoric and recycled speeches….blah, blah, blah! Scream, yell, smear, lie…that’s the plan and the strategy. None of this crap is about making America safer, or supporting our troops, or about creating a democracy in Iraq….it’s about either getting elected or re-elected in 2006 and 2008. The promises are made and broken with impunity….values and morality don’t mean a damn thing to these people….they will do or say anything in their quest for yet, more power. Heaven help us over the remaining tenure of the Bush Administration….by the time they get done, there will be nothing left to destroy!

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