The Democratic Wing Of The Democratic Party

The House voted on budgets yesterday and austerity won. 84 Democrats voted for the jobs and growth “Back To Work Budget” from the Congressional Progressive Caucus. 102 Democrats voted against it. (1 voted “present” and 13 were not voting.) Here is the roll call vote so you can see who voted yes and who voted no.

The Black Caucus budget with some jobs measures and tax increases on the wealthiest got 105 Democrats voting yes and 80 no.

Rep. Mulvaney’s substitute, which was very similar to Senate Committee-backed austerity budget resolution of budget cuts “balanced” with tax cuts got 154 Democrats voting yes and 35 no. The Democratic (Van Hollen) substitute austerity budget that replaced the sequester with targeted cuts and tax increases got 165 Democrats voting yes and 28 no.

The Democratic Wing Of The Democratic Party

Ten years and 6 days ago today: (transcript)

Democrats used to be for jobs and growth. Now too many are for austerity, convinced by decades of corporate-funded nonsense about taxes and government hurting the economy and doing things to make people’s lives better getting in the way and “crowding out” business.

What The People Want

Yesterday a new Gallup poll was released with this headline: Americans Widely Back Government Job Creation Proposals.

  • 79% favor a law to give tax incentives to bring jobs home. (Like new Offshoring Prevention Act, and last year’s Bring Jobs Home Act which was filibustered by Senate Republicans.
  • 77% favor hiring people to do urgent infrastructure repairs. (Drops to 72% if the words “government spending” are used.) (Like the Back To Work Budget that 102 Democrats voted against yesterday.)
  • 75% favor a government job-creation program to just hire one million people. (Also drops to 72% if the words “government spending” are used.) (The Back To Word Budget quickly hired 7 million.)

The election results and polls show that the public wants a jobs and growth budget.

The Ryan Budget Passed

The Ryan budget passed 221-207. 221 Republicans and no Democrats voted for the Ryan budget. 10 Republicans and every Democrat voted against it. (3 Democrats were not voting.)

221 Republicans went on record supported leaving 50 million Americans without health insurance. They voted to privatize Medicare. They voted for lower taxes on the wealthy paid by higher taxes on the middle. They voted to gut public services. They voted to gut jobs and growth.


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