Thanks, Ralph

Remember when Ralph Nader was running around the country saying there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats? That got him 90,000 votes in Florida in 2000, handing the election to Bush
PageOneQ | Report: Gays sentenced to death in Iraq, executions to begin next week
Thanks, Ralph.
Oh, yeah, and for this, too.

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Ralph

  1. I guess Ralph should be thanked for Gore losing his homestate, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, New Hamphire, Louisiana, Arizona and all the rest of the states Clinton easily carried. Ralph had everything to do with Gore being a lackluster candidate… Keep up with the excuses!

  2. Gore WON the popular vote, and if Nader had not convinced 90,000 people to vote against Gore in Florida Iraq and the rest of the damage Bush caused would not have happened.
    You can say childish stuff like Gore was a “bad candidate” but what about the facts – Nader SPLIT the vote and cause Bush to be elected.

  3. Hm. Okay. Nader splits the vote, Bush still gets less votes than Gore, but winds up in power because of the electoral system and the Supreme Court. Then a major terrorist attack occurs in the US, raising Bush’s popularity to 95%. Then there’s another election which Bush wins the popular and electoral vote over Kerry, and four years after this, gays are executed in Iraq.
    Clearly, Nader is responsible. Should we arrest him now?

  4. Someone forgot to inform me that candidates are ENTITLED to our vote and don’t have to earn them… Even though FOUR other parties earned enough votes in Florida to give Gore the win there, its clearly Nader’s fault for pointing out Gore’s uninspiring centrist platform. Please forgive my naivety.

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