TBA – John Edwards

I will update ths post as he speaks so come back, scroll down…)
Obama just finished, is shaking hands. John Edwards speaks next. Obama will be a tough act to follow…
Former NARAL Head Kate Michelman introduces Edwards. You are going to make the difference in this election in 2008. You are at the center of historic change.
I know these candidates as people I have worked with many years. I know what they say in private and what they do in public. I’ve known John Edwards for ite a while now. Watching him commit himself to leading on all the issues that I know you value. Johns Edwards is ready to lead, willing to lead, ready for change. I am ready for change, are you ready for change? Politics of conviction and principle.
Edwards comes on stage. People standing and cheering…
Thank you for your support of my wife Elizabeth.
I want to start taloing about the ar in Iraq because we need to bring this war to an end. I voted for this war and I was wrong to vote for this war and I take responsibility for that.

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