Why Bush Policies Are The Way They Are

If you are wondering why Bush sounds SO far, far right lately – things like his new war against Islam (“Islamofascists“) theme – it’s because of who he is spending time with.
Yes, it is that bad.
Update – OK, yes, I was being too insider there, and need to explain for those not familiar with Power Line. Power Line is a far, far right-wing weblog. This is the Democrats-are-terrorists-who -must-be-executed-for-treason and immediately-nuke-Iran crowd. Power Line has a big picture of Ann Coulter – in an ad from Scaife’s NewsMax – on its front page right now.
On Monday Power Line quoted a recent column calling Democrats “covert enemies … in our midst” and went on to write that Democrats and liberals are,

a segment of our society that wields great power and wishes its own country great ill. I would only add that these liberals want us to lose, not just in some small corner, but with their whole hearts; in fact, our defeat is the only thing they whole-heartedly work for.

That was Monday. On Tuesday the person who wrote that was getting a personal tour of the Oval Office from President Bush.
The news that Bush is spending time with (i.e. endorsing and validating) the far-right webloggers is very, very distressing to say the least.