Macworld Expo

I went to Macworld Expo yesterday. Here are my notes.
Boring show, many companies not there. Many booths selling luggage. Lots of empty space. Average attendee age 50+. Ecosystem is dying. The second hall didn’t have paying companies at all, was dedicated to lots of chairs while someone showed how to edit photos…
the iPhone looks great – extremely expensive, is it true only Cingular will have it? Ugh. Isn’t that what they call an attractive nuisance — luring people into something that can harm them?
… later:
The Mac ecosystem did NOT look healthy. Few 3rd-party products at all. Apple itself is clearly refocusing on consumer goods. They even took “computer” out of the name. Must have been ten booths offering iPod skins.
Several companies showing products not related to Mac or iPod – like cameras. Several booths of printers, some also sell cameras.
Apple understands that people are locked into their software, especially if they have paid their thousands and thousands for the Adobe monopoly and the upgrade payment scheme. So instead of boosting market share they stick it to the users who are stuck. I saw an ad in the paper – PC desktops with everything including 19 inch LCD monitors were $700, a Mac desktop was $2500. Etc…
Update – One more thing. The Apple TV device — I still can’t figure out what it does. It does NOT have a TV tuner. It does not do what a Tivo does. It doesn’t do what Windows Media Center does. It has a hard drive and wireless. An Apple marketing guy was explaining it to me and he couldn’t come up with a coherent explanation. He kept talking about how it lets me show things that I have to PAY FOR from iTunes, on my big TV. It appears to be a scheme to get me into one more subscription service that drains my checking account every month. I think.