BlogPac Grassroots Progressive Infrastructure Project Grants

Chris Bowers announces the first of the BlogPac grants for “grassroots progressive infrastructure projects.”
I can not stress enough how important this is! Please go read the post and learn who the first grant-winners are.
But there is a problem — BlogPac is very low on funds. There were over 100 applicants for these grants and barely funds for these first five to get even small grants. Chris writes,

… today I am asking you to become a stakeholder in the effort to help seed the progressive grassroots. Let’s make this contest a regular event held at least every other month, and keep building progressive, grassroots infrastructure. By contributing to BlogPac, you ensure that the infrastructure all activists in the progressive movement need to be more effective is being built. By becoming a regular contributor of $10 a month or more to BlogPac, you guarantee yourself a regular vote on how we will distribute these grants in the future. In every subsequent contest, as netroots stakeholders regular BlogPac donors will have a vote to decide which projects receive half of the grant money in these contests.

Once again, if you want to build a new progressive movement that helps our candidates win and our ideas to become policy, please help this cause!