Stop The Corrupting Corporate Money At The Source

The way to stop corporate corruption of our political system is to stop the corporate money from leaking out of the corporation.
We can pass laws to prevent corporations from using money for anything other than the operation of the company. We can impose a regulatory structure that works, and stops them from using funds for lobbying, funding front-group “think tanks” and anything else that WE decide is corrupting our system. We can track the money, and punish executives who allow it to leak out of the corporation.
We can stop it at the source. Much easier than trying to patch hundreds of little loopholes that pop up to capture the flow of money after it has left the corporation. It is so much easier to spot money as it leaves the company, and plug that leak, than it is to try to control it after it is out. One law, one set of accounting rules, and it all stops.
We, the People grant corporations a charter to operate, within certain rules. We allow them to amass significant resources because it enables large-scale projects. But these resources are supposed to be used to run the company, not to corrupt our political system. This money is supposed to be the property of the shareholders and is supposed to be used ONLY to run the company. It is theft for executives to use it to fund anything that influences public opinion or policy to enrich themselves…

1 thought on “Stop The Corrupting Corporate Money At The Source

  1. Your wrong, the money IS (your right here) the property (your words0 of the shareholder. No shareholer holder money is not used ONLY to run companies, or maybe it IS , depending on how you define “run the companies”. It IS ion the interest of the comapny to gain more contracts, work, etc, if some money is used either to market the product or lobby to be considered for a govt. contract, as lonmg it is done with etihcially, ( no pay-oofs etc.0 Again it is in the shareholder sin terest the the ocmpany spend money , even if it is lobbying for the intent of building sharholder value through acqusition of work, contracts, etc.
    Your soultion to have govt. monitor does not work. If it did, then why wouldn’t we have govt do everything. Because they are not Effiient !

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