So Much For Conservative Terror Scare Talk

You might have heard a few things about terror and ISIS and refugees in the last few weeks. There has been a lot of scare talk and propaganda about how refugees are going to swarm in and shoot all of us.

You might not have heard that Republicans in Congress are blocking a vote to keep those terrorists from being able to buy guns. So much for all the conservative “terrorist” scare talk propaganda.

Get a load of this from the N.Y. Daily News, “GOP blocks House debate on bill to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns“:

Hard-headed House Republicans blocked a debate Tuesday on a bill that would close a loophole allowing suspected terrorists to legally buy guns.

… House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tore into her GOP counterparts after they unanimously voted against having a floor debate on the federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act, which would bar gun sales to those on the government’s no-fly list.

“It is outrageous that Republicans are protecting suspected terrorists’ ability to walk into a gun store and buy lethal weapons,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement following the procedural motion Tuesday afternoon.

“Our first responsibility as members of Congress is to protect and defend the American people. We do not strengthen our security by turning away terrified (refugee) families while allowing suspected terrorists to buy guns in America.”

Once again: Republicans in Congress blocked consideration of a bill to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists. Seriously.

All that scare-talk propaganda might have something to do with this: Lee Fang writes at The Intercept, in “Lobbyists, in Strategy Session, Conclude That Refugee Crisis “Helps Us” Defeat Regulations“:

In an audio recording of a strategy session obtained by The Intercept, major trade association lobbyists discussed how the refugee crisis has changed the political dynamics in Washington to their advantage.

In the conference call held last week, lobbyists representing a number of high-polluting industries agreed that the battle between Congress and President Obama on refugee policy will give them the cover they need to attach a legislative rider to the omnibus budget bill that rolls back newly expanded clean water regulation.

And it might have something to do with this, as explained at Crooks and Liars: “Rubio: Paris Attacks Are A ‘Positive Development’ Because Fear Benefits Republicans.”

Again: Republicans in Congress blocked consideration of a bill to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists. Seriously.


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