skippy Calls For Boycott Of Dunkin Donuts For Appeasing Right-Wing

Right-wing bloggers recently went nuts because a woman in a Dunkin Donuts ad wore a scarf that, if put on her head, might look like a Muslim woman with a scarf on her head. (No, I’m not kidding.) The called for a boycott of Dunkin Donuts.
Dunkin Donuts promptly gave in and canceled the ads. By doing so they demeaned women who wear scarves, not to mention supporting the right-wing blogger claims that a woman wearing a scarf (not even on her head) is a terrorist.
See actual photos here: skippy the bush kangaroo: time to stop buying the donuts – an action alert!,

we say, what’s good for the batshit insane is good for the logical.
here’s dunkin’ donuts contact form. why not email them and let them know that you will no longer be buying their donuts or coffee or any product because their actions, at worst, in effect condemn all who wear scarves, and at best, are just plain looney?

3 thoughts on “skippy Calls For Boycott Of Dunkin Donuts For Appeasing Right-Wing

  1. How crazy can this get? I’m gonna wear scarves all the time from now in.

  2. And it wasn’t just some anonymous commercial actress — it was Rachel Ray, who is a very well-known TV “personality”. She is apolitical. She does food shows and shallow celebrity interviews (sometimes mashed together).
    Some terrorist.

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