Single-Payer Supporters Urge Supreme Court To Strike Down Mandate

Fifty Medical Doctors for Single Payer Urge Supreme Court to Strike Down Individual Mandate,

Fifty medical doctors who favor a single payer health insurance system today urged the US Supreme Court to strike down the individual mandate.
In a brief filed with the Court, the fifty doctors and two non-profit groups – Single Payer Action and It’s Our Economy – said that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate is unconstitutional.
The individual mandate is the provision of the ACA that requires Americans to purchase health insurance from private insurance companies if they do not otherwise have coverage.
… “It is not necessary to force Americans to buy private health insurance to achieve universal coverage,” said Russell Mokhiber of Single Payer Action. “There is a proven alternative that Congress didn’t seriously consider, and that alternative is a single payer national health insurance system.”

We went into this trying to find a way to do something about the terrible, corrupt monopoly insurance companies, lying, cheating, scamming, denying coverage after you got sick, overcharging, bankrupting people, etc. etc. etc… and we came out of it ordered to buy insurance from those companies.
Except I can’t understand why they insist on calling this “single payer” which sounds to most people like it means you are going to have to pay for all your health care yourself. “Medicare For All” is a much better way to explain it.