Separating And Dividing People Up Doesn’t Work

My family lost relatives to the Nazis. My great grandparents came to the US because they needed to flee the Ukraine region to find a place that was safe decades before the Nazis came along.

All kinds of people in the world have fled one place or another to safety – or not made it out in time.

I think geographic/ethnic/religious separation is not the path to safety for people. I also think ethnic/religious -based governments are a mistake. I think Israel is proving that right now.

The historic safety of making way to the USA is threatened now by the world coalition of oligarchs and oligarch-funded movements that is assisting Trump — and that coalition includes Netanyahu’s crowd. If this coalition comes to power in the US next year the safety of so many people with different ethnic/religious and other identities is in grave danger.

You can’t solve the world’s problems by dividing people up into separated groups. This increases ethnic/religious/identity tensions.