Second-Hand Smoke and Heart Attacks

Doctors did a study in Peublo, Colorado after the city banned smoking in workplaces and indoor public areas. They compared hospital admissions for heart attacks for a year before and three years after the ban, and compared the results with two nearby areas that did not have similar bans.
The study found a 41 percent drop in hospital admissions for heart attacks resulting from the public smoking ban.
It turns out that tobacco companies started studying this in 1971 and knew about these results. But instead of doing something about it “Philip Morris masterminded a massive global effort to confuse and deceive the public about the health hazards of secondhand smoke and to delay laws restricting smoking in indoor public places.”
Read about the techniques they used to prevent smoking bans at: Deadly Deception: The Tobacco Industry’s Secondhand Smoke Cover Up | Center for Media and Democracy

1 thought on “Second-Hand Smoke and Heart Attacks

  1. Unfortunately with todays’ health care costs and many people, even with health care coverage not going to the hospital because of deductibles the findings might be suspect. Many studies say fewer people are seeing their Drs or going to the emergency ward because of the 117% hike this last year in health insurance. I’m sure it has had some impact, but I’m only saying there may be other considerations to add into the mix. Having said that I would be happier if everyone decided to quit smoking.

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