San Mateo County Democratic Straw Poll Results

San Mateo County Democratic Straw Poll vote count (see the Live Blogging the San Mateo Country Presidential Straw Poll post):
Edwards 221
Kucinich 180
Obama 171
Hillary 128
Gore (write in) 23
Richardson 21
Biden 8
Dodd 4
Gravel 4
There are more details at the San Mateo County Democratic Straw Poll website.

2 thoughts on “San Mateo County Democratic Straw Poll Results

  1. Although I welcome all of the publicity the election process can get, I am annoyed that the Democratic Party charged 25$ to enter and thus, VOTE in the Straw Poll they held in San Mateo today. This seems to go against EVERY GRAIN IN MY POLITICO BODY! While I understand the need to raise funds, I don’t support charging money to vote. This is elitest and foolish.

  2. I wish fundraisers weren’t needed, but they are a reality and this one was a good one. $25 admission to hear several platform speeches, get campaign information, and take part in a “straw poll” vote–that sure beats a $250 dinner any day! If you did show up, you would have had plenty of opportunity to get in for free with bulk tickets purchases by donors who wanted to have more people go who couldn’t afford the price. They had tables with tickets outside. It was exciting to be there and feel the energy surrounding this county’s democrats!
    Wish you could have been part of it.

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